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Libero S&T is a full-service events agency which spreads its action in many different areas. We firmly believe that the events are the “laboratory” but also the “exams center” of every strategy and every campaign. In every event, the marketer is able to try out new ideas, to see if what is theoretically planned can be realized and can influence the audience in the way he has envisioned. At the same time, the events have the capacity to create trends, produce images and live in the heart of the audience.


The events, therefore, function as living beings. The goal of an event is always to deliver the final message in the simplest and most understandable way. To achieve this goal, however, there are complex mechanisms that extend in many different areas of activity and have to function in a consistent, equivalent and coordinated way.

We, in Libero S&T, focus on the entire range of activity required in BTL marketing and we are ready to use our capabilities to deliver the simple result that each brand is targeting.

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